Welcome to the NickelsWebTranslators' demo pages

Why using NickelsWebTranslator?

NickelsWebtranslator is a simple web-based application for internationalization of java-based projects. I.e. properties files that contain language dependent terms can easily be translated by a remote and widespread group of translaters (utf8-encoding). NickelsWebTranslator comes from the open source e-learning platform Nickels and has been successfully applied to translate Nickels into currently more than ten languages (e.g. French, Spain, Russian, Polish, Chinese).

NickelsWebTranslator runs as a simple python-based cgi web application with a mysql backend. With additional tools properties can easily be imported from any workspace (e.g. cvs/subversion repository) into the database and exported into the workspace again. An integrated user administration provides features for role and language assignment.

What are the main features?

The main features of NickelsWebTranslator are:

  Check out the main functions by using these demo pages!

How does NickelsWebTranslator work?

First of all your properties (i.e. all files with language dependent terms of your java project) must be imported by using the tool importProperties.py.

Then you will find all properties files in the menu frame on the left. Clicking them one by one you'll get a table in the main frame. This table contains keywords in the first column and for each supported language a column with the translated term or the one that should be translated (see example page).

If using the search tool in the menu frame, only the filenames with matching content will be listed (not working here!). After clicking one of these files the search string will be highlighted in the main frame wherever it appears. Click the 'Clear' link to disable the search and to make all properties files visible again.

By clicking the summary statistics link at the top of the menu frame you will get an overview of all missing and already done translations.

On the toolbar (above) all main navigation icons are located:
Home (this page), administration (if the current user has admin permissions), user settings, e-mail addresses of all users and previous file and next file icons.

From time to time you may want to export translations into your projects repository again by using the tool exportProperties.py.